Monday, October 7, 2013

Sports vs. School

Jacqui Vergis
Staff Writer

In New Hope-Solebury High School many academically successful students participate in after school sports. Most students happen to face the day-to-day dilemma of not having an appropriate amount of time to complete their homework because of their busy schedules. The term “student-athlete” implies that one takes on their duties of a student before becoming an athlete. This leads to the constant concern that an athlete must maintain their grades if they intend to continue in any given school sport. This is a major problem because with sports comes priorities, commitment, and most of all, a need for time in addition to school.
 In addition to this issue, no athlete looks forward to telling their coach about them being late to, or missing practices and games due to lack of time and an excessive amount of school work. Girls Volleyball coach Watson stated; “Being a teacher myself, I understand the need to occasionally miss a sporting event for school work.” Unfortunately not all coaches are as understanding as coach Watson in this regard, thus making day-to-day life challenging for athletes.
 These complications create potential scenarios in which a student athlete has to choose which is more important, being loyal to a team, or being loyal to their academic requirements. Speaking for many other student-athletes and myself, I believe that there should be a change in school policies to help better the lives of the student-athletes representing our school district. If possible I would love to take this issue beyond the Lion’s Tale, and take the initiative to provide ways to better simplify the daily struggles of our school’s athletes. After discussing this common struggle with several teammates, the proposal of extra homework passes, test extensions, and a potential block scheduling all came into mind. In conclusion, this issue should be further reviewed with teachers, parents, coaches, and Mr. Malone due to the fact that student-athletes should be allowed the time and support to get the things done that need to be done to make their high school years a success.

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  1. One thing that Jacqui Vergas can do is to come to a school board meeting where she and her teammates can speak about their concerns. Are there too many games in a short period of time? Are there too many away games at night? Does the coach have you double up that is play a JV game and them a varsity game because there are not enough players to field two teams? Unless you speak up and let the school board know your concerns, it will be the same old same old. All one has to do is to go to the school website and look at the scheduling for our teams which a number of times works to the detriment of the athlete. I recall that this year, the boy's varsity soccer team was scheduled to play 10 game in 20 days. Consider the fact that the pros play only two games a week to understand that New Hope Solebury's schedule is unrealistic. Fortunately, this was altered a bit when one of the games occurred on a parent teacher night. Also having three games in four days is also not uncommon.You may also want to check out the movie, "Road to Nowhere" where students burn themselves out by burning the candle on both ends.