Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Should Journalists use the term Alt-Right?

Lauren Walinski
Staff Writer

Donald Trump, the new president-elect of the United States, has gained a following amongst a group which calls itself the “alt-right.” The group holds beliefs that the United States government should not extend equal rights to minorities such as women, people of color, Jewish people, and LGBTQ+ people, beliefs which directly violate the United States Constitution. The group calls itself the “alt-right” to make these beliefs sound more acceptable to the general population, since the name is unspecific. Because of this group’s controversial beliefs, many journalists are unsure whether they should be using the term “alt-right” or find another, since they do not want to hide the beliefs these groups hold.
 According to the AP Stylebook, a guide by the Associate Press which many journalists refer to in order to write their articles, the term “alt-right” should be avoided. The only time the term “alt-right” is okay to use in an article, according to the AP stylebook, is if it is specified to be what the group calls itself. A description of the group’s beliefs should also be given, so they cannot hide their bigoted beliefs behind an unclear name. The AP Stylebook also says that the group should be called what it really is and what it has been called in the past: white supremacist, neo-Nazi, and racist. This way the group cannot hide the beliefs they hold.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Never Challenge a Mama Bear

Jennifer Abele
Staff Writer

A YouTube video surfaced at the end of November showing young Barron Trump yawning, grimacing, and clapping during Donald Trump’s victory speech. YouTuber James Hunter shows the clips showing Barron Trump’s behavior, he states that these are common symptoms of Autism, and labels Barron as Autistic. Rosie O'Donnell then shared the video on Twitter stating “Barron Trump Autistic? If so- what an amazing opportunity to bring attention to the AUTISM epidemic.” Melania threatened to sue the YouTuber responsible for the video for harassment and bullying. On Nov. 29 James Hunter made an apology video for Melania and Barron Trump stating that he  has Autism, and that it was completely false. Rosie O’Donnell also apologized on her website saying that she did not mean to unleash any hurtful messages, and that her daughter Dakota was diagnosed with high functioning Autism in September.
 Has anyone ever heard of the phrase “When there are two bear cubs alone, mama bear is not  too far behind”? That was not a good idea to diagnose ten-year-old Barron Trump’s behavior when he is fighting his body to stay up past 3:30 in the morning during his father’s acceptance speech after being elected as the 45th President. Imagine ten year old Barron trying to stay awake all night when the typical ten year old goes to sleep at 9 p.m.
 Everyone knows that Melania is overly protective, and most mothers are. It allows us to bond with our mother on a different level. While Donald Trump works at the White House, Melania will be staying in New York with Barron to continue school. I think that’s great because it’s difficult to adjust to a new school in the middle of the year. It’s not easy to adjust to a new school, but in the beginning of the year everything is fresh. I moved to New Hope in the beginning of freshman year, and I think that enabled me to adapt to my surroundings more quickly.
 The video was a horrible idea. It’s surprising that Rosie only got a shout out from Melania’s lawyer in the letter, but social media destroyed O’Donnel for them. Melania is used to making the decisions for Barron Trump to excel in school, and I believe it’s important for her to control that. The YouTuber clearly made a mistake, he removed the video, he apologized, and he will never forget this. It’s very interesting that Melania Trump has faced these false claims alone protecting Barron without Donald intervening since he has a tendency to lash out at the hint of any slight. It makes America notice the strong woman that Melania is.
  Rosie O'Donnell could have lived without posting that video along with her comment. Her longtime feud with Donald Trump clouded my personal perspective of her comment.  From my interpretation, I found it very cutthroat and sarcastic. It would have been better if she trashed the link to the video and just took the time to tweet out awareness for Autism instead without mentioning the Trump family. Remember, momma bear is not too far behind.

Hadid's controversial impression of Melania Trump was aimed at the wrong target

Jen Abele
Staff Writer

Gigi Hadid is a supermodel who co hosted with Jay Pharoah from SNL during the American Music Awards on Nov. 20. Gigi Hadid wanted to show the AMAs that she is also capable of impressions. Gigi’s Melania Trump impression was immediately blasted by social media. Gigi stated. “I love my husband, President Barack Obama,” laughter erupts. “And our children, Sasha and Malia.”  
 Gigi Hadid took to Twitter on Nov. 21 after all the backlash against the controversial monologue defending her performance:“I was honored to host the AMA’s last night and to work with some of the most respected writers in the business. I removed or changed anything in the script that I felt took the joke too far, and whether or not you choose to see it, what remained was done in good humor and with no bad intent. I apologize to anyone I may have offended and have only the best wishes for our country.”
 Gigi Hadid’s controversial impression was about Melania Trump’s plagiarism due to a Trump employee while giving “her” speech at the Republican National Convention on July 18.  Viewers felt the impression was a personal attack on Melania Trump.Why did Gigi continue to keep the controversial skit if she already ‘edited or changed any jokes that went too far’? It’s normal to make fun of Donald Trump when he creates contradicting controversial statements, and it’s expected. Melania made a mistake. Leave her alone!
 Instead of digging into Melania Trump’s RNC speech and what a laugh it was. Think about how embarrassed she must have felt when her speech  used dialogue from Michelle Obama when her husband is running for the Republican Party. Meredith Mclver, a Trump employee staff writer, came forward that she did plagiarize Michelle Obama’s Speech from 2008. Meredith asked Melania to recite passages of Michelle’s speech through a phone call because she mentioned Michelle Obama as a first lady she admires. Meredith then copied down passages that Melania liked, and put them into the speech. Meredith didn’t compare Melania’s speech with Michelle Obama’s later on. In a twisted form of events, Meredith asked to resign, but her request was rejected. Donald Trump explained that everyone makes mistakes and claimed that Meredith would grow from this experience.  
 Gigi shouldn’t have dug her claws into Melania Trump after such a polarizing election. The AMAs are about talented celebrities getting all dolled up to watch as their dreams come true. Creating a controversial impression only added fuel to the fire. Instead of throwing Melania Trump under the bus, take a jab at the Trump employee. Meredith Mclver remains in Trump’s organization. Don’t create comical impressions about Melania’s RNC speech. Instead, criticize Donald Trump for keeping Meredith Mclver on his staff after she made Melania Trump look like a laughing stock. Donald Trump did not support his wife, but Melania continues to show her thick skin. Donald Trump continues to criticize Alec Baldwin’s impression of Mr. Trump, Trump continues to criticize news reporters while he chose retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn for national security advisor whose son retweeted a fake news article, and Trump continues to criticize everyone on Twitter at 3 o’clock in the morning.  


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers halts construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline

Lexi Anderson

Ever since the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline began in the spring, the Native Americans occupying the land, along with non-indigenous people from around the world, have protested the destruction of sacred native land and the contamination of their water supply from the Missouri river. These strictly peaceful and nonviolent protests, initially started by the Standing Rock tribe and their creation of the spiritual Sacred Stone camp, have been met with extreme, often inhumane police force, including tear gassing, rubber bullets, being sprayed with water, untrained attack dogs, and more. The Native American people, who have already dealt with a long and dark history of being massacred and having their land stripped from them, are now at risk of having a sacred area and a crucial water supply taken right out from under them.
 The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), an Energy Transfer Partners project, is meant to carry crude oil from the Bakken oil field of North Dakota to a refinery in Patoka, Illinois. One of the main problems that tribal leaders have had is that they believe the decision to create the pipeline was made without consulting the tribal government, and that a full assessment of the effects of the pipeline was not carried out.
 The protestors, or water protectors, urging the construction of the DAPL to end, are located in the Standing Rock camps, which are all within one hour of Bismarck, North Dakota. People have gathered from all corners of the world, including people of the last native tribes in England, to stand with Standing Rock. The protesters have emphasized their desire to remain peaceful, carrying out prayer circles and creating camps throughout Bismarck. However, the response to the protests have been not nearly as kind.
 The Morton County Police Department, as well as other law enforcement agencies in the area, have created a highly militarized force against protesters and their attempt to halt construction. Although protesters have not been violent whatsoever, they have been met with excessive, and in some cases, questionably inhumane acts of force in an attempt to dislodge the protesters and their efforts to keep their sacred land and clean water.
 Police claim to be using “non-lethal weapons” to control the protesters. Law enforcement brought in a water cannon and sprayed protesters on the Backwater Bridge during periods of below-freezing temperatures. Others were hit with rubber bullets and tear gas. On Sept. 3, police used attack dogs and pepper spray against protesters, leaving many injured. One particularly intense use of force came from a man driving through a prayer ceremony close to the entrance to a construction site, who pulled out a handgun and fired shots into the air, and ran over protester Vana Dee Worthy’s feet and slashed open her hand, requiring her to receive stitches.
 According to police, many protesters—over 100—have been arrested on a number of  charges, including conspiracy to endanger by fire or explosion and engaging in a public riot. An arrest that has managed to hit the news was the arrest of prominent actress, Shailene Woodley, who was arrested on Oct. 10 on Indigenous People’s Day. She has been very outspoken about the pipeline and has condemned people for only talking about it because her face graced the news. She has brought to attention the important problem which is America’s ignorance of reality. While people across the nation eagerly take pieces of Native American culture and use them to decorate their body at music festivals, use them as Halloween costumes, wear them down fashion runways, and bring them into their homes and lives, they are ignorant of the atrocities laced in Native American history, and, unfortunately, the present as well. The fight to keep sacred native land and culture alive, the culture that so many seem to love without knowing its roots, has never stopped. These people will never cease in their battle against the stripping of their native roots and destruction of vital resources, resources that all humans need, Native American or not.
 UPDATE: On Dec. 4, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers halted the construction of the pipeline under President Obama’s administration. This is a huge victory, however protesters have remained on the scene because this ceasing of the pipeline can easily be changed under President-elect Trump’s new administration as he makes his way into office. Trump has direct links to and holds stock in Energy Transfer Partners, the builders of the pipeline, so it is easy to believe that he will not be in favor of the stoppage of the pipeline project. For many, especially the native people at Standing Rock, this isn’t the end of the fight. Although this is good news for now, the future remains greatly uncertain.

What to do on a snow day

Kelly Hyland and Taylor Selbst
Staff Writers

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter, and you know that means… waiting for a phone call from Dr. Yanni about a snow day. Before the school stops making lunches and closes its doors, you should plan out your snow days, and fill them with fun activities with family and friends. There are many things you could do on your snow day this winter that are snow much fun!
 Even though you are in high school, it is still necessary to play in the snow. There is no better feeling than building a snowman, making a snow angel, or getting friends together for an epic snowball fight! If you aren’t the type of person who likes to go outdoors, you can always cuddle up with some close friends or your beau to watch movies and drink hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. We suggest the movies Mean Girls, Frozen, or Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
 Another fun activity to do during a snow day is eating every single piece of food in your kitchen. Your parents have  probably stocked up on more than just bread and water, so treat yourself to your favorite foods while they’re still there. Cozy up to a warm fire and make some s'mores.
 Lastly, take advantage of having the day off of school, get caught up on homework, and get ahead on upcoming work. SNOW DAYS ARE THE BEST DAYS, SO SLED YOUR WAY TO A GOOD TIME.

Editorial: Response to the complaint about 'Hate Crimes' article

From the Editorial Board of The Lion's Tale

At the last New Hope-Solebury school board meeting, which took place on Dec. 5, the Lion’s Tale received a direct complaint regarding an article posted in the third issue of the Lion’s Tale, titled “Rise in hate crimes across America post-Trump election.”
 The person who stated their complaint believed that this article did not do a fair job at showing both sides of the story, and called to attention the sources left at the end of the article, which were placed there to enforce the credibility of the hate crime accounts covered in the article.
 We at the Lion’s Tale politely disagree with this accusation. This piece is primarily a hard news piece, calling attention to the unquestionable rise in hate crimes that have occurred since the election. The list of sources were all news pieces from CNN, USA Today, NYTimes, NBC, Time Magazine, Dallas Morning News, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. None of these news agencies are strictly left-wing, and are all highly reputable. The writers of the article made a point to only get their information from these neutral sources, which is specifically why they did not look at Fox News, nor MSNBC, two explicitly right-wing and left-wing news platforms. What was addressed in the article was as neutral and unbiased as possible, and reported purely fact.
 Here at the Lion’s Tale, we all work extremely hard on our newspaper, analyze and triple-check all articles, and on top of that have each issue approved by the school administration. In journalism class, we take anywhere from 10 minutes to the entire class period reviewing news from all viewpoints, and are instructed that, if writing a news piece, to remain unbiased and to get information from sources that don’t lean primarily in any direction.
   In addition, we post our articles in an online edition of the newspaper, accessible to all, via the New Hope-Solebury High School website. This online format gives readers the chance to comment on the articles, of which all comments are made public. We gladly invite all of our readers to comment as they see fit, and even share more information with us. We feel that it is important to see stories from all angles in order to write unbiased pieces.
  It is in no way our intention to make any person feel uncomfortable or offended by our writing pieces. While we respectfully disagree in the case of this specific article, it has certainly been an important reminder to all of our staff writers, editors, and advisors to exercise care when presenting news pieces. We thank the given member of the community for their avid readership of our newspaper and their various other comments and inquiries that have helped to make our online edition interactive.

The New Hope-Solebury Lion’s Tale Editorial Board is made up of Lexi Anderson, Bailey Hendricks,