Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Best Places to Study Abroad

Claire Dougherty
Staff Writer

There is a rising interest among college students in studying abroad. If you are considering studying abroad, be sure to gather your information so that you can choose the best destination for you. If you choose the right country, your college experience studying abroad could be much more beneficial.
If you choose to study abroad, your reasons for studying overseas should be what helps determine your location.
Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, Italy, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and The United Kingdom are consistently some of the best places to study abroad. This is because they all have great cultures that vary from America’s so you’ll learn a lot, and they will provide you with great experiences.
France, Spain, and Italy are common places where people would go if they’re trying to improve the language that they learned in high school, it’s very common for students to study abroad to practice language skills, and they’re also beautiful places to travel, with an excellent exposure to a different atmosphere.
Ireland and The United Kingdom are both places with excellent culture that college students would like to experience, but they also speak English which is good for people who aren’t going for the benefit of learning or improving their language skills, and are only going to explore different cultures and to become more exposed to the rest of the world.
Economics plays a big role, right now, it’s a great idea to get yourself over to Asia as fast as possible to get yourself experienced, which is something that large companies want. Taiwan, China, Japan, and South Korea are all great places to go  to get that experience.
Something that all of these countries have in common is that they all have good relations with America, so students will be treated equally as to the people of that country ideally. They also have low crime rates, so it’ll be safe to travel there. Many who do choose to study abroad in Asia, are doing very well now.
If you find that studying abroad may be a good choice for you, either Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, Italy and The United kingdom should be on your list of possible destinations.  However your reason for studying abroad should be what helps to decide on your location.

Field trips provide invaluable experiences

Hannah Mui
Staff Writer

In the middle school, each grade goes on field trips to help students understand topics they are learning  but in a different way. When entering the high school last year I expected my classes to go on field trips to museums, historical sites, and theaters. In school many of the courses offered do not go on field trips. Most of the field trips students attend at New Hope-Solebury are through optional school club events.
 If students had the opportunity to visit museums with their fellow classmates and engage in a different way of  learning the same types of topics it could help improve grades. Field trips are fun for students and help them learn new things. By going on field trips, students can retain the information learned in a more engaging way. It’s good for students to get out of the classroom to give the brain a rest.
      Field trips contribute to the development of students into civilized people by placing them in public spaces such as museums, parks, and theaters. Field trips not only contributes to our overall knowledge but also helps shape how we act in public. An experiment was done at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Arkansas to test how much students can retain and learn in one day at the art museum. Students were randomly selected from 123 different schools to participate in the study. Half of the students selected received a tour of the art museum and the other half did not.Students that received the museum tour had higher critical thinking about art as opposed to the control group. By visiting an art museum, students can increase their appreciation and understanding of life during certain time periods. 88% of the students who received the tour was able to remember what paintings depicted when asked several weeks later. This shows that things learned outside the classroom can be retained by students.The results of the experiment also showed that student interest in visiting art museums increased.
    Recently, I attended the S.Y.S.T.E.M.S. field trip to a chemistry laboratory in East Hanover, New Jersey. My classmates and I were able to work in a modern laboratory and perform experiments related to pharmaceutical chemistry. I was able to learn about the type of tests the FDA would use to make sure a drug is safe for the public to use before being put on the market. Through performing these tests on the practice drugs I was able to experience working in a real laboratory as a job. I was also able to determine whether I wanted to pursue chemistry as a major in college.
    The New Hope-Solebury High school should offer more field trips for certain courses to improve students grades. By the school offering more field trips students are able to meet others and create new relationships while at the same time learning in a fun way that will be retained for a long time.