Thursday, November 20, 2014

Should We Take the PSAT?

Karli Burns
Staff Writer

 On Wednesday, Oct. 15, both the Juniors and Sophomores took the PSATs at New Hope Solebury High School. The PSATs tested  mathematics, writing skills, and critical reading.
  The PSATs are a way to prepare students for the SATs. When students receive their PSAT scores in December, those scores will illustrate what sections that particular student excelled in and where they struggled. This will provide a clear direction on what sections students need to focus more on when preparing for SATs. Scores will also show how likely a student is to succeed in certain AP courses and college. Lastly, if a student does well on the PSAT, they may be eligible for certain scholarship opportunities.
  Many will argue that taking the PSATs is a waste of time and believe that the scores received are not an importance to anything. However, if a student where to excel on the PSATs, there may be a potential scholarship at hand toward college. Also, a student's SAT score does count for a lot and ultimately determines what schools they get accepted to. Their PSATs can help them see what areas on the SAT they might struggle on.
 “I did not find the PSATs that hard. Some sections were harder than others but all in all they were not too bad. I think the PSATs are a helpful test since they will show me areas I need to improve in before taking the SATs,” said by Junior classman Madison Walsh.
 Overall, the PSATs are a helpful test that only benefits students. They can help them excel in the SATs tremendously which will only create a tremendous amount of opportunities for students involving college.

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  1. Here's an interesting project. How about surveying the student body to find out how many students take SAT Prep courses along with the cost for the courses.Aside from the total amount of money that the parents shell out, it would be interesting to compare the girls with the boys. Do girls take the Prep more than the boys or vice versa?