Friday, December 5, 2014

Republicans Win the Senate

Heather Borochaner
Staff Writer

 For the first time since 2007, Republicans have gained a majority in the American senate. This senate race was critical for the remaining two years of Obama’s presidency and his agenda, which Republicans will now argue against as much as they can, along with pressing for the repeal of Obamacare. The Republicans now have 53 seats compared to the Democrat’s 46 seats and two seats belonging to Independents, and one runoff election set for December 6th in Louisiana between Sen. Mary Landrieu, who is desperately clinging to her seat, and her Republican opponent Bill Cassidy, who has been gaining more support due to more bitter opinions towards Obama throughout Louisiana. Many blame the result of this election on President Obama’s low approval rate among Americans, however the president refuses to take responsibility. One responsibility he won’t be able to deny, however, is if he decides to veto the Keystone Pipeline when the Republicans give him the bill for it when the new Senators are inaugurated, which Republicans promised would happen. If Obama does veto the bill, Democrats will have a very difficult time obtaining their votes in the elections to come, since the Keystone Pipeline would make America energy independent.
 Despite the huge success in the Senate, Republicans probably won’t be able to do much, even if they try. If Obama chooses to refuse working with the Republicans in any way and just vetoes whatever is put on his plate, he’ll gradually starve himself and the States. With a current overall approval rating of 41% (Republicans at an 11% approval rating towards Obama, Independents at 22%, and Democrats at 76%), it isn’t too hard to see that it will only move further down with all parties if Obama refuses to work with the new Senate given to him by the American people.

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