Friday, January 29, 2016

Why we dislike online textbooks

Lindsay Park
Staff Writer

What happened to the good old days of paper and ink? I don’t understand when having a book with pages and a hardcover became such a hassle. The solution for this suspected problem is an online or downloaded textbook.
 In the beginning of the year instead of taking five to ten minutes to hand out textbooks, teachers now have to take the entire period, or more, to ensure students have access to their books. Whether books are online with special logins, or if they are downloaded onto their 1:1 device, setting them up is a more time consuming, confusing process.
 Once your book is all set up, you are ready to do your homework. That is unless you are unable to connect to the internet. Though this may not be a problem for everyone, some students, like me, whose house has a terrible Wi-Fi signal, are faced with quite the issue.
 I enjoy the privacy of doing my homework in a quiet place, but the only place I receive Wi-Fi signal is in my family room, where the television is constantly on and conversation never stops.   
 This problem would be easily solved by having a textbook, the old fashioned kind. This is also the solution for people who never charge their devices or who lose their chargers. Without power a downloaded textbook no longer has any use.
 By trying to create an easier way for students to learn using online textbooks, schools have unintentionally added extra stress to an already dreaded task.

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  1. I would suggest that Lindsay come to a school board meeting where she can express her thoughts.