Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Panic Spreads Over Ebola

Steve Ratigan and Max Wagner
Staff Writers

  Ebola is a infectious fatal disease that causes fever and severe bleeding internally, which first started in 1976 and there hasn't been any big cases since then, but it recently has spread to 6 countries, has had in total over 15,000 cases since 1976 and currently there are 4,000 in the world right now. Liberia where the disease started has had 2,705 deaths from this disease, as reported by Reuters News Company. The disease has just become big because it has spread to the United States and reporters have made a huge deal about it. Although the flu has taken so many more, people the have made it a much bigger deal than needs to be.
  The Ebola virus has spread rapidly both physically and through the media. Recently visitors of Africa have carried the virus back into our own country. The first victim was reported to have the virus in Dallas, Texas. Two nurses had contracted the virus after trying to determine what was wrong with him. They are on the road to recovery. He came in contact with at least 18 other citizens after the hospital sent him out with the deadly disease without knowing it. The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has confirmed that it will be one of the sites to house young Ebola patients in America. The safety precautions in doing so will be taken very seriously of course. The CHOP experts say they are not worried about an Ebola outbreak in the United States, but they are worried about the doctors and social workers that have to deal with patients up close and personal. America has beaten Ebola so far, and each patient taken to an elite US hospital and correctly treated for the disease has lived.
  The survival rate in the United States is 80% after the first five incidents and is expected to improve dramatically. Ebola is a deadly virus and in some cases can mean an immediate death sentence, but United States citizens are foretold to have nothing to worry about due to our wealth, modern medical care, and dozens of intelligent doctors on their way to find a complete cure to the Ebola virus.

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