Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Students mixed on schedule change

Ryan Shadle
Staff Writer

 New Hope-Solebury High School has changed its schedule this year to make kids feel bad if they miss the start of the day. They now have first period starting at 7:50 and homeroom after first period at 8:30
 The Lion’s Tale interviewed four teachers, and they all said they like the new schedule. Mr. Achenbach said that they also tried this schedule 10-15 years ago. He said that, from experience, he “likes the schedule,” but it’s harder to pass out notes and get to the news. Also, science labs are two periods long, so homeroom falls between the two periods. He said that it would possibly be acceptable for homeroom to be placed after second period, but if that was the case, then such things as the pledge of allegiance would be taking a backseat to scheduling dilemmas, which would be considered disrespectful and not the proper way to start off a school day.
 The goal of having students feel bad if they miss school is good because when they miss school, they miss material that the teacher taught. The students don’t seem to like the new schedule because it’s different than their regular routine. They are used to waking their brain up in homeroom,” but now students must find other ways to charge their mind, including coffee and energy drinks, which is simply not a proper way to begin the day. New Hope-Solebury senior Spencer Tinkel only has this to say about the issue; “ I believe that the idea behind putting homeroom after 1st period is a solid concept, but receiving a test as soon as you step into the school is a hard adjustment to make.”

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