Friday, February 27, 2015

1:1 is worth it

Sam Lombardi
Staff Writer

Recently the school administration made a decision regarding the one to one devices, and the policies surrounding them. Ever since the first day they were given to us, there have been numerous counts of broken screens and other damages to the computers. For this reason, it will soon be mandatory to purchase and use a case for the device if you want to take it home.
  The decision was poorly received by the student body, and many people feel its unfair to require us to pay $25.00 for something we didn’t ask for. However, it seems like many people are forgetting that the devices were given to us for free, and the case is only needed if you want to bring it home. If you are arguing that you never asked for the the tablet and you don’t need to use it, then you also don’t have any reason to take it home after school.
  Although I do think it might be unjust in some respects, it’s the most reasonable solution for both the students and the school.
  Lots of people will be quick to bash the school for doing this, but we shouldn’t shoot the messenger. The whole reason for all of this is because the school had to file too many insurance claims in such a short amount of time. Instead of getting angry at the school, we should be recognizing the fact that we all were given these devices for free, and a $25 investment to keep them working isn’t ridiculous to ask for.

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