Friday, February 27, 2015

Students question new fees and regulations regarding 1:1

Matt Steele
Staff Writer

As more and more One to Ones end up in the infirmary, new rules regarding laptop cases aim to cut down on damage after break.
  About halfway through the school year, there are more than 30 One to Ones currently out of commission. As it becomes more of an issue, the school administration is looking for ways to cut down on the growing problem. Their newest idea is the implementation of mandatory cases for the One to Ones. These cases would cost $25 and be available for purchase in the library.
  Students are wondering how the office plans to enforce these new rules. When asked, Principal Malone told me that he is still looking for ideas, but they are starting with a service charge or $25. Each time a student broke his or her laptop, they would need to pay this fee instead of simply buying a case. Also, Ms. Schwander said that it’s possible that students without a case will not be allowed to take the One to One devices home.

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