Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Is Cheerleading A Sport?

Alexandra Mangano & Eliana Slater
Staff Writers

Whether cheerleading is a sport or not is a controversial topic. Most cheerleaders will immediately argue that it is a sport, which is understandable. Cheerleaders endure constant criticism and disapproval of their sport.
 “I do not understand how people can disrespect a sport they have never been a part of,” said Junior Brooke Black, a cheerleader.
  Cheerleading checks off every qualification that activities require to be considered a sport. The first requirement is that it must be a physical activity that involves propelling a mass through the air; stunting does exactly that! Cheerleaders lift and throw girls in the air frequently. Bodies weigh more than a typical sport’s equipment, and that shows how much strength it takes to be successful in this sport.
 The second qualification is contesting or competing against an opponent. Cheerleaders spend hours of practice running through routines, stunting, tumbling, and cheering. They do this because competitions are extremely difficult and require dedication. Just like football players create plays to run, cheerleaders create routines to perform.
 The last qualification is it must have rules that govern the activity, there must be a set time, space, purpose of the contest, and the conditions under which a winner is declared. There are different rules for each level of cheerleading and for school cheerleading. Points are taken off of the score sheet for each illegal stunt performed at each level.
 Cheerleaders are often considered weak athletes. As said previously, it requires a lot of muscle to stunt. Stunting also causes major injuries that are just as serious as any other sport.  After all, the injuries that cheerleaders endure are ranked second among all sports. Motions have to be sharp and voices have to be loud. 37,000 cheerleaders go to the emergency room every year. This statistic just goes to show that cheerleading should be weighed as heavily as other sports.
 Cheerleading is a sport because it meets all of the qualifications needed to be one. While doing cheerleading, every member is physically active whether they’re throwing girls in the air or doing backflips, but it’s fun too.

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  1. First of all, we have to distingush between cheer leading which does not involve competition such as performing at games and Competitive cheer which is what is being desscribed in this article AND is recognized as a sport not onl by the PIAA, but also the National Federation of State High School Associations.
    Now there are a number of "women's right's" activist groups that do not recognize competive cheer as a sport, because in their minds , " unless girls are behaving more like boys and less than girls, they don't meet the government's defintion [ their interpretation] of what constitutes competitive athletics. "
    The above quote come from a terrific book entitled, "Titling the Playing Field", by Jessica Gavora, Encounter Books, San Francisco, 2002. page 144.
    It is the belief of these groups tjat there has to be equality in sports between the two genders. if 70% of the boys in a school are involved in sports, then 70% of the girls must also be involved. I would highly recommend this book not only for the writers of the article, the competitive spirit team, but all students and parents. You can get it in soft cover.