Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Keycards Throw Off Student Routines

Alec Coburn
Staff Writer

This school year NH-S students and staff arrived to school with a not-so nice-surprise: The keycard receptors on the doors of the school had been changed.
  Nobody could get in the building and many were late for their first period class. By homeroom the students discovered that these new receptors were linked to new key cards that also double as our school ID’s. Because we all use our school ID’s right? My old key-fob that I have used for the past three years is now obsolete. So, why the switch?
  Mr. Malone addressed the situation. “Because of the new construction we thought we should update the security system,” Malone said. “Having our name and photo on the keycard will make it more personalized.”
  There are many students, including myself, who are not fans of the new security initiative. I am all for updated security systems and keeping the student body safe. Let’s be honest here folks, we live in New Hope. What is going to happen? Either way, a little notification would have been nice. I was late to my first period class for the test. Also, the concept of a card is backtracking. The “fob” was compact, easy to have on your lanyard and put in your pocket. These new cards are cumbersome to have attached on your keys. There are those who just put it in their wallets, but does anyone really carry their wallet around school? I know I don’t.
  Senior Nic Patino said that he does not like the new key cards because they do not “fit on his keys.”
  If you like the new key cards then that is good for you. More power to you. I am just glad I do not have to deal with them after May 13 thanks to the APEX project.

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