Friday, December 11, 2015

Black Friday leaves shoppers with empty wallets

Caroline Maloney
Staff Writer

Logging onto my online PNC Virtual Wallet account to see a balance of -$1.37 was certainly a great wake up call that I needed to rethink my financial priorities. Staring at the screen in utter disbelief, I asked myself- How did I let this happen? There was only one answer: Black Friday.
 Each year, dedicated and determined shoppers like myself wake up at the earliest of hours with hopes of scoring big deals and steals. Stores like BestBuy, Target, and Walmart introduce “doorbuster” sales to customers, which occur only once a year. Whether one is buying a 55’’ LED HD television or a new handbag, good deals are bound to be found. However, amidst all of the bargains and discounts, it is very easy to drain a bank account in the blink of an eye. I, sadly, learned that the hard way.
 Numerous New Hope-Solebury students have also taken advantage of the sales. Junior Taylor Selbst said that her experience was great. “I bought a lot of new clothes, but spent too much money,” she said.
 Junior Molly Rothblat said that she “ had the intention of buying gifts for my family and friends, yet that didn’t seem to work out. I got some great deals for myself, however.”
 Junior John Sharkey says the best deal he bought all day was a full set of all Harry Potter DVDs from “The sale sent me straight to flavortown.” John said, explaining that sales such as these occur not very often.
 Students, such as Sharkey, choose to skip the long lines and grouchy shoppers and take a more virtual route: online shopping.
 Junior Caroline Rubino said, “I did most of my shopping online. It’s easier.”
 Online shopping has been a trend for shoppers to resort to, and there now is a holiday dedicated to online shopping, otherwise known as Cyber Monday.
  Whether online or in store, manage your dough wisely next year with hopes of scoring big. Spending money is fun, especially when you love to shop, but make sure to be extra careful and cautious on this holiday in order to avoid seeing negative signs in your bank account statement.

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