Monday, December 21, 2015

THON is still important, even if it is mini

Jacob McCloskey
Staff Writer

Despite being renamed as Mini-THON, this school years’ event is setting the bar even higher. Taking place from 7pm January 8th to 7am January 9th, 2016’s THON is partnered with Penn State Hershey’s Four Diamonds Children’s Hospital, where the $50 minimum per person of fundraised money will go. The hospital will use this money both to provide financial support to cancer patients and to provide money for research teams looking for a cure.
Not only will this year’s hotline bling themed THON benefit great causes, but it will be even more fun for the students of new hope than in years past. People who are not able to join a team or stay the night may attend the dance from 7-10. For the rest of the night, along with constant music, events and caffeine, sporting competitions will provide eligibility for students to win a hoverboard, the most in-demand gift of the year. At some point of the night, everyone’s favorite teachers will be dressing up as sumo wrestlers, battling for the Mini-THON title.

Each year at THON we break new records for how much money is fundraised, more people get involved, and our school becomes more optimistic and spirited. This event has proven to show the best of new hope’s student body, and from what we can see so far, this upcoming THON will be even better.

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