Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The political system of the US is in decline

Dan Maxian
Guest Sociology Writer

Dan Maxian, a student of Ms. Anderson’s sociology class, recently published his results from a survey conducted in the high school. The survey he put out was intended to find a relationship between political awareness and an individual’s favorability of a radical presidential candidate.
  Maxian addressed a critical question in America today: How are these radical candidates so popular? Maxian understood that Mr. Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders both are proposing ideas that are contradictory to American ideals and the Constitution. Maxian wanted to see whether the reason for the popularity of these candidates was because of a lack of awareness for the political system or if people have such a discontent for the current of government that they demand change.
  Maxian’s survey found that there was no clear difference in the preference of candidates between uninformed and informed participants. In fact, 100% of informed participants prefered radical candidates.
  Maxian commented about the people who returned the survey blank, concluding that those individuals felt such a strong disconnect with the government system that they refused to answer.
  Maxian has used his survey results to try and convey the need for reform in the American political system.
  Radical inequality or radical socialism are not the solution. America needs to educate people on the original values that the country once held.
  Education is key and awareness is key. This is made clear by Maxian’s findings. Neither Mr. Trump or Senator Sanders should be in office.
  This assumption is incongruous with the astounding popularity the outsider candidates have gathered.
  Maxian’s survey was lacking essential elements to make it statistically significant, however. He seemed to ignore the problems in his survey size, which was shockingly small.
  Maxian makes important points about the overall understanding the average person has about the American government. Overall misunderstandings could lead to the evident disapproval people feel towards their government.


  1. I would like to know what ideas that Donald Trumpis proposing that are allegedly contrary to American ideals and the Constitution? If anyone can think of any, please innumerate them here.
    On the other hand, we have Bernie Sanders, who certainly is radical believing in a society that is strictly controlled by government seeing that the fruits of everyone's labor is evenly divided.

  2. I would like the writer to innumerate the ideas of Donald Trump that he feels are contrary to American Ideals and the Constitution. Now on the other hand, we have Bernie Sanders who does not believe people should enjoy the fruits of their labor, but share them equally with everyone else.