Monday, September 26, 2016

Expectations of new freshmen not quite met

Devon Beacham
Staff Writer

When incoming freshmen enter the high school, they hope for the experience to be somewhat guided and simple, but that wasn’t the case this year.
 The freshmen class didn’t get a tour at the end of the year last year; therefore, they relied on what they thought they knew from the year before to guess where some classes might be. But when they entered the school on the first day, it was completely different from what they had thought. This not only affected the freshmen, but for everyone, the places students are not use to going to for certain subjects are all different. Have been moved around because of the construction.
 The first day was chaos with everyone running around trying to find their classrooms.
 “On the first day, I got lost a couple times. It was embarrassing, and I wish I had been given more guidance,” said Parker Cane, freshman.
 In addition to the confusion, many students were separated from their friends when it came to lunch. This was the only time of day where everyone got to chill and eat before returning to work; however, due to high enrollment and legal requirements there are now two lunches. Freshman, being new to the high school, were separated from most of their friends, making it hard for them to find a table where they felt comfortable. This was not a hardship solely reserved for the new ninth grade. The seniors were also separated from their friends. Overall though, students don’t have too much to complain about.
 “We’ve [been] given a lot more freedom and more choice in the classes we want to take,” says Tara Cooney, a freshman at New Hope-Solebury.

 Compared to the the middle school, this new environment is definitely a step up.

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