Thursday, October 27, 2016

New Zodiac Sign upsets the astrological apple cart

Taylor Selbst and Julia Coburn

Zodiac signs were created many years ago to describe the circle of twelve thirty-degree divisions. Universally, zodiac signs have been used to describe/reflect one’s personality characteristics. The twelve different zodiac signs are based off of the month and day in which one was born, but recently a new zodiac sign, Ophiuchus [of-ee-yoo-kahy], has been created and has changed the signs that people have believed were theirs for many years.   
 Earlier this year, NASA quietly announced that they were going to change the whole zodiac system, assigning new dates to each zodiac sign in order to include Ophiuchus. According to NASA, when the Babylonians created the zodiac system 3,000 years ago, the earth's axis did not point quite in the same direction.
 Many people are furious about the new addition of the zodiac sign, especially the strong believers in horoscopes. Senior Kelly Hyland expresses her anger through the change by saying, “Who am I now? It’s hard enough going through your teenage years trying to find your identity, but now I know I’ve been living a lie.” Other students we have talked to had no idea about the addition, but once we told them they were very disappointed and didn’t understand why it has been changed after so many years.
 In conclusion, the new zodiac sign is creating a lot of confusion. Most people are surprised about this change. Changing something that has been around for so long seems unnecessary and pointless.

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