Friday, January 20, 2017

Google's Renewable Energy Act in 2017

Deven Smith
Staff Writer

Google has just announced that by 2017 they will be running entirely on renewable resources, which includes their newest addition, Alphabet. This is a huge accomplishment because of how big of a company it is, and how many other social media companies they own.  
 One reason this is incredible is because of how many buildings Google has. The renewable energy will be used in 13 data centers and 113 offices worldwide. They also have 55,000 employees that will need to work entirely on renewable energy.  Even with the success of Google and other Companies like Apple and Microsoft, many countries are still reliant on the use of oil, like the US, China, and Russia. Not only is it getting easier to obtain renewable energy but Google says that it is financially beneficial as well.  
 Joe Kava, Google’s senior vice president of technical infrastructure says, “It’s good for the economy, good for business and good for our shareholders.” Google does not supply their own energy, instead they do business with about 115 wind farms in the US and Canada. The biggest is a 50,000 acre wind farm in Minco, Oklahoma.   
 Other companies are following Google in their quest to run entirely on renewable resources.  Those companies include Amazon and Microsoft. However, Google also runs other sites like YouTube and Gmail that have over 1 billion customers and require more than 100,000 computers. Now, all of those computers will run on renewable energy.  If Google is able to complete a task like this in a year, then it will be interesting to see what they can do in the future.

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