Thursday, January 19, 2017

Trump dumped inauguration announcing icon

Jen Abele
Staff Writer/columnist

Charles Brotman has been the announcer at the inauguration since 1957. He has been traditionally selected since President Eisenhower. Brotman has served as inauguration speaker for 11 presidents. The 89 year old Brotman “felt like he was punched in the stomach by Muhammad Ali” after receiving the President Elect’s email. Trump clouded the email with compliments, and ended the email by stating Brotman will not be announcing at inauguration.
 Mr. Charles Brotman is a political icon who has been announcing for the inauguration for 60 years. He enjoys announcing for the American people during every historic inauguration. No one can take the place of Brotman. Donald Trump has made several questionable decisions so far as President elect. Rejecting a political icon should not have been on his agenda.Brotman is an incredible speaker who enjoys the privilege  announcing at the inauguration parade. It’s heartbreaking that Donald Trump would not carry on the tradition.


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