Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jelly's Corner: Very Confused

Joseph Giunta
Kelly Hyland
Staff Writer

Dear Jelly’s Corner,

So why wasn't your article in the most recent print issue? Very upset about this!

Annoyed Reader

Dear valued subscriber.
Thank you for your concerns with this ongoing issue. It is kinda funny because we at Jelly's Corner are also VERY confused as well. We have been writers since September and we thought we had something special. Regardless we will fight this issue and get justice for what we believe in! No matter what, we will fight for the rights of  ourselves and our valued readers.  We will discuss with Mr. Giorgi and the editors to find a resolution for this issue.

Ask Jelly: If you have any questions about life, school or anything else, please send them to jellyscorner.lionstale@gmail.com and we will answer them in the next issue of the Lion’s Tale.

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